We welcome your contributions of an article or photographs to AVIATION FIRE JOURNAL. Your contributions of photos, ARFF news items and feature articles are what makes Aviation Fire Journal the best Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighting (ARFF) publication that there is. We would like to take this opportunity to offer some helpful suggestions.

AFJ  focuses primarily on Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighting (ARFF), airport fire protection, and aviation fire protection/ safety related items. Contemporary, technical, and historical features are welcomed. 

WRITING: When gathering information for an article, avoid the use of "second hand" information, hear-say or "rumors." Verify your information from authoritative sources. When writing about a specific airport fire department, provide a short synopsis of the airport (area, number of runways, type aircraft, type of hazards, etc.) and of the department (# of personnel, # of stations, # of each type of unit, etc.), but the bulk of your article should focus on its operations, training and equipment. Points to cover on airport fire apparatus include manufacturer, year, unit assigned to, pump and tank capacities, height of aerial  platforms / elevating devices, unusual or innovative features, year rebuilt, and anything else of interest.

REQUIREMENTS FOR SUBMISSION OF ARTICLES: AVIATION FIRE JOURNAL utilizes a computer method to input articles. For this reason manuscripts must be typed as an  Microsoft Word document (.doc/ .docx) file which are preferred. Once you have finished the final draft of your article proofread or 'spell check' it for typos and accuracy.  If any corrections are found, use a separate sheet of paper to list the page, paragraph number and the correction you want to make. 

Articles may also be submitted by Email with the images sent by e-mail attachments (Zipped), or by postal mail on CD ROM. E-mail your articles to: THE EDITOR.  We use Word Perfect and Microsoft Word 2007. 

PHOTOS: Your photo contributions are what makes AVIATION FIRE JOURNAL the magazine that it is. We rely on airport fire apparatus and fire photographers throughout the world to get us top quality photos. Following are the types of photos we require for quality reproduction.

COLOR: To reproduce in color we need use color prints or high resolution (300 dpi or greater) JPEG or GIF format digital photos.  Scanned images sent should be scanned a at least 300 dpi and sent in JPG, JPEG or GIF format. JPG is preferred. It is also possible for us to scan from sharp color prints.

BLACK & WHITE: For quality black and white photo reproduction we require crisp contrast, well-exposed prints. Generally, the larger the print the better the reproduction but smaller prints are acceptable. It is better to reduce a larger print than to enlarge a smaller print. We can use color or black and white for black and white reproduction..

When selecting a color picture to send to AVIATION FIRE JOURNAL , select contributions that are not blurred, out of focus, poorly exposed, poorly composed, or taken in dark, gray weather. No part of the fire apparatus should be blocked by people, vehicles or any other obstructions. Apparatus and compartment doors should not be open. The apparatus views we select for publication the most are those that are 3/4 front-side views with sun shinning on both the front and side of the vehicle with all shadows behind the rig and no shadows or obstructions blocking or projected on the vehicle. There should be some space in front of and behind the vehicle so we can do some cropping of the photo without cropping into the vehicle, in other words, the photo should not be "bumper to bumper." However, don't stand so far back that the resulting photo is a small image of the vehicle. The vehicle should fill up 90% of the length of the photo. When submitting an "action" photo, please indicate what is happening.

All photographic contributions are returned whether or not published provided they are legibly marked with the photographer's name and address and only when accompanied by a stamped, self-addressed envelope with sufficient postage. Unless you state that you want these returned immediately, we may opt to hold them on file being that we frequently use slides from larger departments more often.

Send your editorial contributions and articles to:

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